Boost your seeds

Seed In Tech optimises your seed lots.
Discover our bioinspired, biosourced stimulation technology.

Boost your seeds

Seed In Tech optimises your seed lots.
Discover our bioinspired, biosourced stimulation technology.

Smart Priming

An innovative priming technology for germination

Innovative technique for germination

Our Smart Priming technology naturally activates biological processes within seeds. This technique effectively removes germination blockers, such as dormancy, increasing uniform germination while improving environmental resistance.

Optimising seed viability

Traditional priming techniques reduce the viability of primed seeds. Our technology significantly reduces pressure on production units by improving seed storage duration.

Stimulating natural defences

By boosting an embryo’s natural defence system, we provide a new strategy in the fight against phytopathogens. We aim to improve seed and seedling health from the start and reduce post-emergence treatments.

Dual innovation

Harnessing our secret, patent-pending processes and biomolecular blends, we tap into the seeds’ extraordinary natural capacity. This technology is the fruit of over 15 years’ research at the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAE) and AgroParisTech, a leading agricultural engineering institution.

Smart Priming

Every species, variety and seed lot is unique. We tailor Smart Priming to your specific requirements. Our technology is compatible with both conventional and organic farming.

Our services


Pilot study

Test our technology’s impact on your seeds. The Seed In Tech pilot study takes samples from your seed lots and assesses the Smart Priming effect based on your requirements.

Processing service

Having proven our technology’s effectiveness, we tailor our services to boost your seed lots.

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Contact the team for more information about how our processes can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Our team

Frédéric Chauffour, PhD


PhD Plant Physiology

Omaé Pozza


Master Ecotoxicology
& Physiological Ecology

Loïc Rajjou, PhD

Scientific consultant

Professor, AgroParisTech
Researcher INRAE

Hugues Dumas

Business consultant

15 years agri-food
industry experience

Corentin Moreau

R&D engineer
AgroParisTech graduate
Master Plant Sciences

About Seed In Tech

Our origins

Our innovation stems from 15 years’ meticulous scientific research into metabolic and cellular seed mechanisms, conducted at the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, a collaboration between Université Paris-Saclay, the INRAE and AgroParisTech.
The Smart Priming Innovation Development Project was launched in 2016 – 2017 with the support of the INRAE and AgroParisTech.

Developing innovation

In 2018, the technology started gaining momentum:
> 2018-2021: Booster of Seeds and Seedlings, a technology development programme financed by SATT Paris-Saclay
> Award-winning: first prize, 2020 Vegepolys Valley competition; 2021 i-Lab competition winner
> 2021: French Tech Seed label
> 2021: Launch of the Seed In Tech start up
> Award-winning technology: 2021 i-Lab competition winner; 2022 silver SIVAL in the Services and Software category